Testimonials of Restoration

  What a true blessing to receive God's guidance through a call to Focus on the Family, allowing us to contact Restoration House for a week's refuge from the storms of life. There I received the needed healing from holding 40 years of misplaced guilt that had overtaken my life. Years of guilt and shame resulted in a wounded spirit. I have now received a new lease on life along with the strength to be who God ordained me to be. I recommend Restoration House to anyone. Thank You.

  Being with Dan & Kay for a week was the right thing for our family. Being in a loving home while worked on some difficult issues, was good for the emotional work we had to do. We were blessed with the experience and wisdom that Dan had.

  If all you desire is rest and relaxation from your normally fast-forward pace, then Restoration House is the place for you. But it is also for those with much deeper needs. If you or your loved one is suffering from a painful experience, like a thorn piercing your heart, then Restoration House is the perfect environment to let the Great Physician heal you.

  After spending time at Restoration House, I feel a sense of relief, it almost feels too good to be true. Dan's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit was so healing. All we talked about made so much sense...the toxic shame; abuse, neglect,etc. are not gifts from the father, but attempts by the evil one to disarm me. When you were counseling me, I saw in the Spirit the Father's hands reaching down into my body and lifting my pain out of me. My wife back at home was shown the same thing as she prayed and fasted for me.

  We praise God for Dan & Kay, who answered the call to be wounded healers. Through them, God did a deep work of inner healing at Restoration House. You have no idea of the awesome restoration that awaits you there.

  I came to Restoration House broken and hurting. I was very negative. Through patience, wisdom, and love, Dan guided me into a closer relationship with the Father and His great love for me. It is so wonderful to experience acceptance and unconditional love! God healed some past hurts and memories without experiencing the pain and rejection. I sense a new beginning in my walk with God and His call on my life.

  "..I was a stranger and you took me in." I cannot begin to thank both of you enough for creating this ministry. More healing took place this week for both of us than could have taken place in years of counseling.

  After receiving emotional and spiritual healing, we also received the grace of physical healing for the glory of God! After returning home and being tested by the doctor two times, he could find no trace of my incurable cancer. Praise God!

  Thank you again for your warm embrace and interest in us. We are glad to think we will probably see you again in years to come. We feel we came across some much treasured pearls in the kingdom.