Counseling at your location
If you are unable to come to Restoration House, we offer counseling at your location. We are available to come to your location for any number of days to counsel your whole family or loved ones. We only require that you pay travel, meals. and a motel room with a suite to do family counseling. The counseling fee is $85/hr.

 Individual Counseling
  Restoration House provides individual weekly counseling on an hourly basis. Regular appointments can be scheduled at your convenience.

Individual Counseling charges are $85.00/session.

 Group Counseling
  Restoration House provides group counseling for small teams of leaders who desire help in facilitating communications and dealing with issues that effect the entire team. Daniel Garvin is communication coach.

$325/day for three group sessions each day.

  Healing the Whole person seminars. These seminars provide in depth instruction on how the process of healing occurs and how sin and moral failures can block the process of healing and growth with God.

Seminars are held on the first weekend of each month at Restoration House. Cost is $45.00 per person.

Overnight accommodations are available at Restoration House and other nearby Bed & Breakfasts.

For further information please email us at: