Intensive Healing and Restoration
Three intensive counseling sessions are provided each day with fun diversions in between each session.

Each session is designed to help you deal with deep root problems that are interfering with your relationshiop with the Lord.

Emphasis is placed on forgivness, repentence, emotional healing and prayer. Sessions draw upon the counseling knowledge and experience of Daniel Garvin. Session are also guided by prayer and the Holy Spirit.

Free time is very important, It is used to relax and reflect on the events of the counciling sessions. Free time can be used for various recreational activities. These include hiking on local trails, bicycling, golf, visiting state parks, antique shopping and visiting local attractions that includes a covered bridge.

Cost is $500/day. Restoration House offers two day and five day retreats. Five day retreats run Monday through Friday. Arrival is on Sunday after 7:00 PM with departure by Saturday at 12:00 PM. Two day retreats usually take place on weekends. A $250.00 deposit is required to confirm a reservation.

The daily charge includes husband and wife. There are no facilities for children.

 Developing Intimacy With God
  Are you a friend of God? This retreat is designed to help you become a friend of God.

3 couples or singles attend at the same time. The couples explore together what it means to be a friend of God.

The retreat is designed to give you Deep Communion with the Lord, show you how to hear His voice, walk with deep initimacy with the Lord and develop Spiritual Gifting.

Cost is $175/Day for couples, $125/day for singles. A deposit of 50% is required to confirm a reservation. Read the Brochure.

   Winter Retreats
  Winter Retreats are available. They include skiing, ski instruction and snow tubing.

   Silent Retreats
  Silent Retreats available. Cost is $75.00 a day, breakfast only is provided.

   Bed and Breakfast Vacations
  Bed and Breakfast Vacations available for Christian leaders. Cost is $75.00 a day. There is no counseling provided.