Healing the Whole Person

Healing the Inner Person
The process of Healing the Whole Person looks for and examines anything that might cause separation from God. This process of revealing truth to the hidden person is described in Psalm 51. Click Here to learn more.

Rebuilding the Walls
The process of restoring past devastation looks at the various stages of development to see what is broken or missing. Then the past devasation is healed the same way Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Click Here to learn more.

Saving the Past
This is the process of using prayer to deal with deep-seated problems. We ask God to show us what needs to be healed and show us when to minister to the person. John 5:19 Click Here to learn more.

Restoring the Soul
It is the process of bringing the mind, will and emotions into full submission to Christ. Ephesians 4 22:24, Psalm 23 2:3 Click Here to learn more.

Whole Salvation
Learning to become the Bride without spot or wrinkle that is presented to Christ. Click Here to learn more.